2020 MOACAC Membership Meeting Minutes

Missouri Association for College Admission Counseling |General Membership Meeting | via Zoom | Monday, October 5, 2020

President Welcome| Dawn Michel

  • Welcome! You can find all the links and surveys in the Zoom chat for everything we discuss today. If you are interested in volunteering, please let Dawn or Joann know or complete the volunteer link in the chat.  We will be playing trivia today to make our meeting more fun! You will also be hearing from each committee chair today with an update on their committee.  This meeting we are having today takes the place of the membership meeting we were scheduled to have at NACAC in Minneapolis last month.  Congrats also to Mark Steinlage now representing us a NACAC board member! 

Past President | Charlie Hungerford

  • Governance & Nominating Committee members were recruited over the summer. This year, I’m pleased to announce that Drew Griffin, Diane Drilling, Jamie Staggs, and Nikki Hostnik have agreed to serve MOACAC in a one-year committee term to help drive the nominations and elections for president-elect, treasurer-elect, alternate delegates, and award recipients.

  • Bylaw revision. Based on feedback from the National Association for College Admission Counseling, NACAC’s attorney, and training for the Affiliate President’s Council, we will be asking for approval of the revised MOACAC Bylaws later in this meeting. A copy of the proposed MOACAC Bylaws was emailed to every MOACAC member on September 4, 2020, as required by current bylaw standards. At the time of submitting this report, we have received 2 questions and no comments.

  • NACAC Chief Delegate update. Elections for 3 new NACAC Board of Directors and NACAC President Elect, as well as the approval of the new Guide For Ethical Practices for College Admissions occurred in September. Congratulations to our very own Mark Steinlage, from Saint Louis University, elected to a 3-year Board of Director Position for NACAC! 

Admissions Practices | Kyle Johnson

Bus Tour | Jennifer Tanner

  • Alternating schedule between Counselor Bus Tour and Show-Me Tour

  • Counselor Bus Tour 2021 to Iowa/Nebraska was cancelled due to COVID-19

  • Summer 2022: Show-Me Tour

    • Showcases colleges/universities in Missouri

    • Has been attended primarily by out-of-state IEC’s in past years 

    • Commitment from colleges is ~$3,000

    • If your college is interested in participating, please contact jennifer.tanner@slu.edu

Communications | Ivy Hartman

  • Did you know we have TWO Facebook pages? We’re also on Instagram and Twitter? Be sure to engage with us on these platforms!

  • MOACAC Facebook group page (used for posting questions, sharing best practices)

  • Quarterly Newsletter (via email)- submit an article, and MOACAC Members on the MO-ove by 11/27/20 for December 4th newsletter- email to bcollier@priory.org

  • Article published in West Magazine 4/28/2020 re: Test Optional changes due to COVID-19

  • Coverage this fall on KMOV CBS channel 4 and Channel 9 for Show-Me My Future programs as a result of press releases

  • New logos for MOACAC events

  • Continue to work on streamlining communication internally to members and externally

  • Social Media breakdown

    • MOACAC Facebook

      • Over 500 followers and likes

      • Posts generating largest impressions: BLM (798), $3K Scholarship(2.4K), ACT Announcement (3K), New Board(1.2K), StriveScan events (1.1K), Week 1 of Show-Me My Future (3.8K)

      • Thanks for all of the mentions!

    • MOACAC High School & College Admissions Professionals Group page

      • 13 members

      • Will be made private eventually

    • Twitter

      • 1186 followers and growing

      • Steady number of profile views, increase in followers, and mentions

    • Instagram

      • 305 followers, mostly female

      • Gaining followers consistently

      • 60 new followers since June 2020 

College Fairs | Michelle Luraschi and Andrew Laue

  • All Fall Regional College Fairs cancelled; no MOACAC endorsement of any in-person fair in Missouri

  • Initiated partnership with Strive Scan to conduct Show-Me My Future virtual college exploration event, which occurred September 13 - October 8. 

  • Show-Me My Future

    • 184 total sessions

    • 130 individual college sessions

    • 42 panel presentations, 12 career/military sessions

    • 168 colleges/organizations representing 32 states, and 3 countries

    • Over 7,000 session registrants

    • 62 MOACAC volunteer facilitators

    • Total revenue for MOACAC was approximately $26,000 ​

  • Spring fairs are TBD​

Government Relations | Peggy FitzGibbon

  • 9 MOACAC members advocated in Jeff City; 6 in D.C.

  • Met with 8/10 MO Representatives; Met with 7/8 representatives and both Senate offices - financial aid and counselor caseloads were primary topics of conversation

  • Re-thinking how we reach out to Missouri representatives since an in-person advocacy day probably won’t happen

  • Excellent updates from NACAC in the past - both positions are open and unsure about the status of a national advocacy day in 2021; virtual seems likely based on input I received from David Hawkins

  • Anyone interested in viewing a history of advocacy government letters should check out this website. NACAC often leads the initiative and we follow through at the affiliate level. 

Inclusion, Access, & Success | Amber Mitchell and Monica Nickolai

  • Will continue with conference in Spring 2021.

  • Most likely virtually.

  • Will host 3 conferences (St. Louis, Kansas City, and Mid-MO) if large gatherings are possible. If not possible, we will host 1 large virtual conference for all 3 regions. 

  • Braxton Rethwisch Scholarship

    • Will host 3 conferences (St. Louis, Kansas City, and Mid-MO) if large gatherings are possible. If not possible, we will host 1 large virtual conference for all 3 regions.

    • Will continue to offer 5-$1,000 one-time scholarships.

    • Application will go live on Scholarship Central in November.

    • Criteria: HS Senior, 2.5 GPA (cum.), MO resident, Enroll full-time in MOACAC member post-secondary institution.

    • Winners will be announced in April during MOACAC Conference. ​

  • Inclusion Conference Scholarship

    • Will offer 3-$750 one-time scholarships.

    • Criteria: Open to all HS students who attend and participate in the Inclusion Conference in Spring 2021.

    • Students can only win the scholarship the year they participate in the Inclusion conference. 

  • IAS Needs-Based Scholarship​

    •  Will offer 2-$3,000 one-time scholarships.

    • Application will go live on Scholarship Central in May 2021

    • Criteria: MO resident, Graduate from MO high school, Enroll full-time in MOACAC member post-secondary institution.

    • Winners will be announced in July 2021. Scholarships sent directly to institution. ​

International Initiatives | Trisha Hasbrouck

  • The MOACAC website has been updated with links and articles for incoming international students and outgoing American students

  • Information takes readers to NACAC, NAFSA, and the State Department

  • Depending on future COVID travel regulations, there may be a grant to supplement MOACAC members’ international college visit/travel 

Membership | Shelley Gerringer and Mary Giunta

  • Current Members: 590 active members (slide has details on numbers of types of memberships)

  • Number of members forecasted for 20-21:

    • 464 forecasted (which is 60% of previous year)

    • 590 current members is 76% of last year’s membership enrollment (exceeded forecast by 16%) 

Professional Development | Jenny Chism and Darren Meeker

  • Tools of the Trade

    • August 10-11, 2020

    • Zoom Virtual

    • Twenty-Seven (27) Participants and 10 Expert Presenters

  • MEGA Cube

    • September 2-3, 2020

    • Zoom and Hopin Virtual

    • Ninety-Five (95) College Updates

    • One Hundred Twenty-Seven (127) College Reps Present

    • One Hundred Fifty-Three (153) High School Counselors Attended State-Wide

  • College Counselor Institute

    • October 16, 2020

    • Zoom Virtual

    • Mark your calendar!

    • Free for High School Counselors to attend! 

Secondary School Outreach | Melissa Millington and Chad Sisk

  • This year the Missouri School Counselor Association fall conference will be held virtually the first weekend in November. We are still set to have 7 college counseling sessions which will be pre-recorded and available for MSCA attendees to view at-will.

Conference | Abby Jelavich and Dixie Williams

  • The Spring Conference committee is pivoting to a virtual modality for the 2021 annual conference. This will be re-evaluated in January as we check in on the status of the COVID 19 pandemic and budget/travel restrictions. Using the virtual "Mega" CUBE and virtual MOACRAO and NACAC conferences as guides, we are currently exploring a technology platform and firming up the schedule. The conference will most likely be held April 19-21st, 2021 to avoid a Sunday overlap with the switch to virtual. The initial conference committee has been formed and a first meeting is planned for mid-October. We'd love more folks (especially from outside of St. Louis) - let Dixie or Abby know if you are interested!

Technology | Mark Nothum

  • Event registrations have run smoothly in our second year with the new website

  • Increased “front page” information for easier access for most pertinent information for our members

  • Show-Me My Future panel and information session recordings are posted to the website

  • Have worked with the Communication Committee in order to have better branding across the website

  • Currently working on a YouTube account in order to post videos for membership to the website

Treasurer's Report | Meredith Buschmann

  • This is going to be a unique year and there are a lot of unknowns and we must remain flexible. We are continually learning and our goal is to be fiscally responsible and assess where we can save money. Our spending habits have changed during a time of uncertainty-- just like our own personal budgets. We plan to keep watch over the budgets and will monitor and make adjustments as needed on a month by month basis.

  • Historically, college fairs have been our biggest revenue. The net revenue in 17-18 was $108,000. 18-19 was $115,000. 19-20 was $86,000. 20-21 is still TBD (conservatively looking around $27,000 in revenue).

  • In the past we have been fiscally responsible and because of that, we were able to invest in a CD with Edward Jones. Ideally, the longer our money can sit the more we can invest back in the organization, members and students and ultimately create endowments (i.e. grants).

  • We want to fully fund IAS-- it is the organization’s number one priority. It directly impacts students financially, college access, students of different socioeconomic backgrounds and diversity training for our executive board members.

  • We plan to continue offering grants to IAS ($5000), Government Relations ($2000), PDC ($4000) and Conference ($4000). We will assess where we are next year in 21-22.

  • Overall, for 20-21 we are looking at a negative net loss of ($56,000).


Upcoming Treasurer Activities for FY 20-21

  • Account Management – Ongoing

  • Tracking and Receipt of Non-payment - Ongoing

  • Management of Investment Portfolio - Ongoing (NACAC recommends having 150% of operating budget in reserves)
    Transition to Money Management System with MOACAC Accountant – Summer 2019 (Quickbooks). This is our second year with

  • Quickbooks and will save us approximately $5000 per year.

Bylaws Discussion

  • Charlie made the motion to change and revise MOACAC bylaws. Seconded by Ivy Hartman. Asked to unmute if something to contribute. (No feedback.) Voted via Zoom Polling: 95% voted yes while 5% abstained. Motion passed.

New Business

  • We will be offering additional PD this year. Please complete the survey in the chat so we can gather ideas on what you would like to learn about in the future. (25 surveys were completed.)

  • Dawn asked if there was any new business anyone wanted to share...

  • Christine Holladay (St. Joseph Academy) was our trivia winner for today! Congrats, Christine!

  • There was no new business presented. A motion was made to adjourn the meeting and was seconded. Meeting adjourned at 5pm.

  • In attendance: 77 Members

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